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Our Blackberry Varieties

Discover the exquisite flavors of nature with our premium blackberry varieties that have been cultivated with care on our farm. Join us for a farm-to-table experience that brings the finest blackberries straight from our fields to your plate.

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Sweet Ark Ponca

  • Thornless

  • Extraordinarily Sweet

  • Medium Size - Firm Berries

  • Great for Baking or for Jams and Jellies

prime ark horizon picture_edited.jpg

Prime Ark Horizon

  • Sweet with very low acidity

  • Semi-thorny

  • Large - firm berries

  • Great for freezing, baking, Jams & Jellies

Pick Your Own Blackberries

Harmony Ridge offers locally grown blackberries that are cultivated using organic practices to offer you and your family berries that are pesticide free, clean, healthy and packed full of rich antioxidants. Discover the importance of supporting local agriculture while indulging in the unmatched freshness and flavor of our delicious blackberries. We invite you to join us on our farm from June through October and immerse yourself in the joys of nature while picking your own berries with your family and creating unforgettable cherished memories.

Planning Your Trip 

  • Plan Carefully: Before planning your visit, check our website for the current blackberry picking season information including availability of berries and hours of operation. We will update social media sites frequently with important crop information or changes. Seasons may vary, and it's essential to ensure you visit during the prime harvesting time. 

  • Availability of pick-your-own and ready-picked fruit depends on many factors. We recommend checking social media for updates before you head over to the farm to pick.

  • Timing: During peak season it's important to arrive early. When we have a large crowd, the field can be picked clean in a matter of hours.

  • Weather: Consider the weather and dress appropriately. Be mindful of any potential rain or adverse weather. This is North Carolina and the temperature can vary greatly from morning to noon. Sunny days with cool morning starts are absolute best time for picking blackberries. 

  • Family-Oriented Atmosphere: Our blackberry picking site is designed with families in mind. Enjoy quality time together as you explore the lush blackberry fields and create lasting memories amidst the natural beauty.

  • Children Welcome: Bring the whole family! Children of all ages are invited to join in the berry-picking fun. It's an excellent opportunity for kids to connect with nature and learn about where their food comes from.

  • Supervision is Key: For the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, please ensure that children are supervised at all times. The fields are vast, and close supervision ensures that everyone has a fantastic time while staying safe.

Berry Picking Tips

  • Containers & Bags: We will provide you with a one gallon picking bucket lined with a removeable plastic bag which you will use to transport your berries home. For the best quality berries, it's important not to over fill your buckets. The fruit on the bottom may become bruised or damaged from too much weight. 

  • Pick 'Ripe' Berries: Pick only berries that are fully black with a brown leafy “cap”. A ripe blackberry is a deep, dull black color with a plump, full feel. It will pull free from the plant with only a slight tug. If the berry is red or purple, it is not ripe and should be left on the cane for another day. (Berries will not ripen further after being picked.)

  • Sun Protection: Dress for the heat. We recommend wearing sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun! Berries don't fair well in the heat once picked. It's important to avoid placing picked blackberries in the sunlight for any longer than necessary. For best results, berries should be placed in a cool, shaded area until you can refrigerate them.

  • Look Low and High: Blackberries can hide in various spots on the bush. Look both low and high to find the hidden gems. Some of the best berries might be tucked away, so explore the entire bush.

  • Mindful Walking: Be mindful of your surroundings. Watch your step to avoid stepping on plants or disturbing wildlife. Our farm is a natural habitat, and we encourage a peaceful coexistence.

  • Stay Hydrated: Picking berries can be thirsty work. Bring water to stay hydrated during your time in the fields. We also have designated resting areas where you can relax and enjoy your harvest.

  • Clean-Up After Yourself: Help us maintain the beauty of our farm by disposing of any waste responsibly. We appreciate your efforts in leaving the fields as pristine as you found them.


Thank you for choosing Harmony Ridge for your berry-picking adventure. We hope these tips enhance your experience and create lasting memories. Happy picking!

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